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Frequently Asked Questions

Teleconsultation is a service provided by OnlineDoctor.sg, a digital platform of Digital Health Clinic, which offers professional medical consultation online. This service is designed to complement the traditional in-person healthcare provided at brick-and-mortar clinics. It enables patients to connect with healthcare professionals remotely, providing a convenient and efficient way to address non-emergent medical issues. Through Teleconsultation, patients can access a variety of healthcare services including:

  • General Medical Consultations: Offering patients the ability to seek medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment guidance from healthcare professionals through a digital platform. 
  • Chronic Medication Replenishment: Allowing patients to manage and refill their ongoing prescriptions online, ensuring uninterrupted treatment. 
  • Laboratory and Health Screening Results Review: Patients can receive interpretations and advice on their test results from the comfort of their homes. 
  • Travel Medication Advice: Providing essential medical consultations and prescriptions to ensure patients' health is protected while traveling. 
  • Specialist Referrals: Facilitating access to a network of specialists for patients who require specialized medical attention.

To ensure a smooth and effective Teleconsultation with Digital Health Clinic's Teleconsult Doctor, it's important to be well-prepared.
Make sure you are in a quiet room where privacy may be maintained, ensure good lighting and a stable internet connection. Having the right equipment and information on hand can significantly enhance the quality of the consultation. Here are some tips on how you can get ready:

  • Thermometer: Check and record your current temperature. A precise temperature reading helps in assessing your general health condition.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Measure and note down your blood pressure levels. Accurate blood pressure readings are crucial for monitoring cardiovascular health.
  •  Weighing Scale: Know your current body weight. Weight is a fundamental metric for assessing overall health and for discussing any weight-related health concerns. 
  • Torchlight: Use this to illuminate areas that are hard to see, like the throat or any specific area that requires closer examination during the consultation. 
  • Glucometer: If you have diabetes, check and record your random blood glucose levels. Maintaining an up-to-date record of your blood sugar levels is vital for effective diabetes management.

  • Photographs: For conditions such as skin rashes, infections, or open wounds, take clear photographs. Ensure good lighting and focus so that the details are easily discernible.
  • Documents: Have your recent medical reports, laboratory results, and health screening reports ready. These documents provide a comprehensive view of your health history and current condition, enabling a more informed consultation.
  • Before your session, you may choose to "send image" privately & securely at a separate secure WhatsApp number (provided only on request) or our email at [email protected]. This allows your doctor to review them in advance, ensuring a focused and efficient consultation.

Certainly, you can consult with a doctor even if you don't require medication. If your situation warrants a Medical Certificate (MC), our doctors can issue one following your Teleconsultation. While you are not obliged to purchase any medication prescribed during the consultation, it's important to note that current regulations prevent the electronic prescription of medication. Should you need a prescription, you are welcome to visit our clinic to collect a hard copy of your prescription without any additional charge. This ensures you have the flexibility to manage your health needs in a way that suits you best, with access to professional advice and necessary documentation from our doctors.

The waiting time for a Teleconsultation session can vary, primarily influenced by the current number of patients ahead in the queue and the availability of our healthcare providers. Typically, our patients experience an average waiting time of approximately 0 - 15 minutes, reflecting our commitment to prompt and efficient healthcare service. We understand that your time is valuable. We will advise you on the estimated wait-time & queue - simply drop us a WhatsApp.

A digital medical certificate (MC) is the online version of a paper medical certificate (MC). In Singapore, Digital MCs are legitimate as long as they are issued by SMC-registered doctors. 

You may see a Singapore Registered Doctor Online now over Video Call from the comforts of your own home at a location where privacy is assured. Some common (non-emergency) conditions may be managed remotely by Teleconsultation. These include common acute conditions such as cold (cough, runny nose, sore throat or fever), gastroenteritis (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting), allergies, rashes, headaches, body aches & gout etc. Stable chronic conditions such as Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and Diabetes may also be managed by Telemedicine.

  • Video-consult a Singapore-licensed doctor online in 3 Simple Steps!
  • STEP 1:   Register (for First-time users only)
  • STEP 2:   Once Registered, you will receive a Video Call from Doctor Online (estimated wait time 0 - 10 mins)
  • STEP 3:   Payment via Credit Card or PayNow QR Code
  • Receive Digital Medical Certificate (MC) by e-mail
  • Medicines (if any) will be delivered to your home in 4-6 hours (last medicine order @ 3pm)

In Singapore, doctor-led teleconsultations are licensable under the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA). This refers to consultations with a doctor without seeing them in-person, and via ways like apps, video calls, phone calls, or texts. Our doctors are Singapore-registered Medical Professionals, and our Medical Service Provider, Digital Health Clinic, is licensed by the Ministry of Health to deliver Telemedicine Services in Singapore - Ministry of Health License No: R/23M1175/MDS/001/232

Our WhatsApp-based Telemedicine Platform opens the door to convenient Teleconsultation services for everyone.
To ensure a safe, comprehensive and effective consultation:

  • For Minors (Under 18 Years): We encourage the presence of an adult during the consultation. This ensures clear communication and a thorough assessment, especially for younger patients.
  • Children Under 2 Years: For infants and toddlers, a complete assessment can be challenging via teleconsultation. Therefore, we recommend an in-person consultation at the clinic to ensure they receive the best possible care.
  • Seniors: Teleconsultation is offered with utmost consideration for safety. We advise that a family member be present to assist with video clarity and communication. Given the possibility of multiple health conditions (comorbidities), a more detailed assessment may sometimes be required. In such cases, a face-to-face consultation at the clinic is advisable.

Yes, after a proper assessment via online video consult and when appropriate, our Doctors will be able to issue Medical Certificates (MC) without medications. In many cases, medicines used for symptomatic relief may be optional.

Our doctors will advise when medicines are required to treat your illness.

The Teleconsult Doctor platform is adept at addressing a range of medical conditions, providing convenient and professional healthcare consultation online. While this list is not exhaustive, here are some of the common conditions that can be effectively managed through our teleconsultation services:

  • Suitable Conditions (non-exhuastive list)
  • Respiratory Issues: Get expert advice for symptoms like sore throat, cough, runny nose, flu, and fever.
  • Headache and Migraine Management: Consult our healthcare professionals for persistent or severe headaches and migraines.
  • Digestive Disorders: Address concerns like diarrhea, vomiting, or constipation with our medical experts.
  • Skin Conditions: Receive professional guidance on managing skin issues such as rashes, cold sores, and acne.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Discuss symptoms and receive appropriate advice for managing UTIs.
  • Menstrual Concerns: Consult about menstrual irregularities, pain, or other related issues.
  • Gastric Pain: Get help for managing gastric discomfort and associated symptoms.
  • Eye Conditions: Seek advice for conjunctivitis, provided there are no accompanying visual disturbances.
  • Musculoskeletal Pain: Discuss muscle ache, heel pain, or gout, and receive guidance on management and relief.

Teleconsult Doctor is designed to provide professional medical consultation for these conditions and more, ensuring that your health concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. Remember, for any severe or life-threatening conditions, it's important to visit the nearest clinic or emergency department immediately.

  • A Teleconsult may not be suitable for the following conditions:
  • Urgent or Emergency conditions such as chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, pregnancy-related complications, stroke or neurological symptoms, active bleeding, prolonged fever etc.
  • When a physical examination is necessary for the Doctor to rule out emergent conditions
  • When an investigation (lab test or imaging) is required 

Yes we do provide corporate rates for your company according to your company size.
Do reach out to us on WhatsApp +65 88977900 or [email protected] to enquire and arrange.

  • 0 to10 employees: 10% off Total Bill 
  • 11 to 50 employees: 12.5% off  Total Bill
  • 51 to 100 employees: 15% off  Total Bill
  • More than 100 employees: 18% off Total Bill